Character Building

Course Description
This course covers the knowledge about ethic, environment, and moral responsibility in developing the science and applying the technology. Science and technology development and their application in human life must be based on ethical judgment. Ethical judgment will able to direct the attitude and decision making of human being. The elementary principle of ethical judgment is choose the best for people. As been known, the people never live isolated. The life of people is always depending on good environment. So, involving the environment as base of decision making for developing science, technology and their application in human life is an ethical decision. Based on the short description above, this course will give student ethic knowledge that can be used in their professional job at the future.

Graduate Competency
Each Course in the study program contributes to the graduate competencies that are divided into employability and entrepreneurial skills and study program specific outcomes, in which student need to have demonstrated by the time they complete their course.

BINUS University employsbility and entrepreneurial skills consist of planning and organizing, problem solving and decision making, self management, team work, communication, and initiative and enterprise

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